by Jaapur

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released March 28, 2015



all rights reserved


Jaapur Corvallis, Oregon

Started in April of 2011.
Music/art produced by Jasper Eckert.

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Track Name: Lithium.exe
Powered up, like lithium.
Liftin em up, cause this is a stick up.
Shiftin your position with this rhythm.
Mental tombs got a conscious prism.
Dark side of the earth, moon, and stars.
I got far to go, Ill get there with these bars.
Its not too hard, you know how we are.
Leavin town with just the sound system in my car.
Hittin the highway, you know we're goin fast.
Mission of description, this message is meant to last.
Gotta get out of this town, they cant handle my sound.
Lyrical fallout, infection is all around.
Taken back by inhibition.
I see so clearly. despite my inhibition.
Cut to black,
rely on intuition.
My vision is back,
life is still worth livin.
Track Name: Transparency.psd
aint no noobie, can't see through me.
Transparency's apparent in you like a shitty movie.
So predictable, the next move is blocked: kung fu
surpass the fool, turn around just to school you.
Your fame is evanescent, complainin' every second.
Guessin' you aint on the same page, main veins supplying me with lyrical gains
made to take you away. You cant hang if you need a replay of what I'm sayin'

Standing outside, smoking a ciggy.
New sound and lyrics, a new me.
Transparency's a key thing to be
if its the truth you want to see.
Two sides to me like a vinyl.
Dont stick to one rhyme, but Im fly still.
Keep it ill till its time to stand still.
Fillin up on a train of thought,
passing over the hill.
Still trying out my lines
but as long as theyre in time
I aint complaining about no white lies
cause its my mind leading this life.
A new road every morning.
Dont know the speed, musics on, not too boring.
All in my cherokee, Im fucking flooring.
Speeding accidentally, no red lights before me.
Track Name: But Do You Know feat. Sarah Rain
Do you know what it means to believe in yourself and can you teach me?
Do you know how to be anything that isn't just plain crazy?
Do you know how to
Track Name: Lost in Time
Steppin out of the school my mind soars.
These doors are soon to be behind me.
But you wont be forgotten,
I was just lost in the thoughts that got forced in.
Forced instincts that the school thinks you need to succeed;
force feeding you without letting you breathe.
Beneath a dull attempt lies the thoughts of a beautiful mind.
Why do they deny you?
Dont mind me, Im just sliding through,
trying to be free of the guilt that's over me.
Its hard to see when you feel sharp eyes staring you down,
Im me, effortlessly.
My own sound picks me off the ground.
Once I found my mind lost in time,
a simple chord brought me back around.
Im not failing now, so stick around.
Hear the meaning of these words that I found.

I must refrain from saying every rhyme,
I come off as insane; my mind runs in time
when Im conversatin.
Layin words on the table that end the same way
people say crazy things but Im not phased today.
Ill phase you away.
I hear what youre saying, but its not always that way.
Come to think of it, theres no way
that you can say
the things rapidly coming to mind,
Im in fine time.
Anyway, go away if you hate a single player.
Play the game or dont; just stay away.
Its up to you if you want to stay.
I cant say which way may the best today.
Cause opinion is always debate
when you can always relate.
The discussion never waits,
dont hesitate to say
what may relate the best way.
The meaning is fate, so let it take you away.
Track Name: Traveling Van
And I can't stop thinking about you.
Cant see how Id understand life without you.
Im past due for these confessions.
Pressure makes my love go askew.
You see through me just like I need you to.
Throw away my trash that I hate,
youre never late when I need a hand.
Im trapped in quick-sand.
I fall through, find you on the other end.
And we make love in the sands of time,
forget about things; never rewind.
Cause its your mind and mine,
even divine lines I combine dont chime right without your lime light.
I get lonely with this bowl piece.
A full piece of me is missin',
wish I could be kissin' you.
I pull through to the next day
just to say hey and wave, just like it's all okay.
I wish I knew another way than patience.
Waiting for good things to come my way
never led to the finish line.
Im waiting through this haze as I try to find
a reason to talk to you.
Youre so damn cute but damn dude,
I dont wanna make you uncomfortable,
so I hug this bowl instead.
Youre still in my head.
I might be brain dead by the time I go to bed.

And I dont hate in any way
I think youd feel the same if you saw it my way.
I aint a grown man, but maybe some day
we can buy a van and just drive.

And I dont hate in any way
I think youd feel the same if you saw it my way.
I aint a grown man, but maybe some day
we can buy a van and just drive away.

But every day, I think of a new way
we could say whats on our minds
lets contemplate this new day.
And who said we cant just stay in bed
until Im fed up with my bed head?
I said, its a beautiful day to see your beautiful face
shine in such a way I cant explain.
Im impressed youre not as vein
as the girls I see every day
in the class room;
they all try to be the same.
I look past them to you
cause you just be doing you.
No time to confuse yourself with another.
You might lose the finess you posess,
Dont wish it away
cause youre the best in every way.

And I dont hate in any way
I think youd feel the same if you saw it my way.
I aint a grown man, but maybe some day
we can buy a van and just drive.

And I dont hate in any way
I think youd feel the same if you saw it my way.
I aint a grown man, but maybe some day
we can buy a van and just drive away.